Our products

Factory equipment

Ladders and scaffolding, work chairs, shelves and shelving systems, cupboards and cupboard systems, workbenches, joining benches, Fasti folding benches, office equipment, swing doors, high-speed doors, industry doors, strip curtains, door seals, replacement sheets and blades for swing doors and curtains, ERGOMAT industrial rubber mats, storage boxes, transport means and containers

Cleaning agents

Hand cleaners in paste and liquid form, paper hand towels, Kleenex wipes, cleaning rags, cotton wool, machine cleaning rags, Fleece cleaning rags, Brooms and brushes

Securing and rescuing

Dräger breathing protection, 3M one-way, half and full masks, Moldex particle masks, earplugs and capsules, Alpine otoplastics (specially adapted hearing protection), Grinding, welding and acid-protection glasses, Plum eye wash bottles, first-aid cabinets, first-aid boxes, first-aid supplies, body harnesses, warning marks, marking tapes, cargo securing, round slings, lashing straps, sound control mats, chain hoists, hoists

Occupational safety

Safety helmets, face, hearing, eye and breathing protection, Products from Dräger, 3M, Schuberth, Protective gloves from KCL, Ansell, Profas, leather gloves, cotton gloves, nitrile and latex gloves, disposable gloves, Safety shoes by U-Power, Baak, Otter, Safety boots made of PU and PVC, Skin protection and cleaning products from Stockhausen and Greven, Professional, weatherproof and high-visibility safety clothing, welding protection and heat protection clothing, forest protection clothing, craft clothing, disposable clothing, clean room clothing, acid-resisting clothing, aprons made of leather and plastic, Gaiters, knee and sleeve protectors, functional underwear, canvas, horsehair socks, pull-on stockings, casual boots, pullovers, shirts

Sticking, sealing, insulating

Silicon, acrylic and polyurethane sealants, PU foam, Molycote products, Henkel-Loctite product range, SIKA, OKS special lubricants, Teroson products, industry-PU systems, Weicon products, CRC maintenance products, Fermit, graphite, talc, TESA products and packaging tapes

Drive technology

NTN / SNR preferred stockists, rolling bearings, bearing housings, plain bearings, needle bearings, plastic bearings, assembly tools and special greases, fan belts, round, flat and toothed belts, wedge and toothed belt disks, drive and conveyor chains, wheels, rollers, driving belts, plain bearings, elastic and fixed couplings, chains / chain wheels

Welding requirements

Athermal glasses, electrode holders, transparent panels, chipping hammers, welding mirrors, welding protection cabins, welding curtains

Asbestos replacement products

Glass cloth and tapes, glass fibre, round cords and packages, glass fibre, hoses, ceramic tapes, fabric, hoses and cords

Tools and machines

Belzer tools, drilling tools, Gedore tools, Hawera tools, Special tools of all kinds, threading tools, Wera screwdrivers, Drilling tools, Stanley cutting/measurement tools, BMI / Stabila measurement tools, Pferd files and milling cutters, Pferd abrasives, Tyrolit cutting disks, Klingspor cutting disks, Klöckner electrodes, Milwaukee electrical tools, Bosch electrical tools, Alzmetall upright drilling machine, Berg & Schmidt circular saws, Motorised chainsaws, Protective gas, autogenic welding machines, Peddinghaus bench vices and machines, Peddinghaus hammers, Knipex forceps, Kärcher cleaning systems, Kaeser compressors, Special and special purpose machines, pumps, Alfra and Endress products, Weber car jacks

General industry supplies

Abrasives, foams, lubricating nipples, lifting devices, chain hoists, brushes, wire brushes, lubricators, workshop and plastic oilers, measuring cans, funnels and canisters, construction buckets, mortar mixer, identification labels

Elastomer and sealing technology

Rubber plates with and without insert, rubber tyres, wide tyres and knot mats, rubber, hammer blow and contact mats, rubber ring mats with/without brush inserts,

Plastic technology

Technical plastics, High-performance plastics, Duroplastics

Hoses and fitting technology

Plastic suction hoses made of PVC, PU and rubber with coils, Plastic vacuum hoses made of PVC and coated textiles with coils, metallic hoses, water and industrial water hoses, drinking water hoses subject to approval, food hoses, steam hoses, chemical hoses, cement conveying hoses, silo suction and pressure hoses, oil and gasoline-resistant suction and pressure hoses, air hoses made of rubber & PVC, compressed air, gas and ventilation hoses, construction, industry flat and fire hoses, autogenic, cooler, sewer-cleaning, road-sweeping, laboratory sink, compressor, brake hoses, rubber hoses for food, drinking water, oils and fuels, Geka-MS hose fittings, Gardena plastic hose fittings, “Storz” and “Kamlok” couplings, multi-purpose branch pipes, sealing rings and accessories, steam hose couplings, safety clamp screw couplings, tanker truck couplings, worm thread clamps, 2-ear terminals, broadband clamps, heavy duty clamps, hose clamps made of malleable iron, Band-it band and loops made of stainless steel, ball valves, hose holders and hose rewinders isolation, measurement and regulation valves